Top 5 Free Acting Job Websites in Los Angeles

The internet boom has given birth to a number of websites that works as jobs directory in which actors are able to find casting calls rather than going to cafe, theater, library.

The actors daily activities have become more efficient so they can focus on their craft rather than traveling around LA traffic and heat.


So here are the top 5 websites that give actors free casting calls.

  1. CastCaller – predominantly Canadian casting calls but there are a number of listings in Los Angeles.
  2. Starnow – This website have casting calls but you have to first signup for an account and go through form inputs to complete your account.
  3. Craigslist– Lots of casting calls from LA but also have so many scammers and spammers. So be careful.
  4. Mandy – This website is going through changes and moving their castings to castingcallpro website which charges money.
  5. AuditionsFree – This website works more like a blog post that publishes casting calls in a sort of news thing. From time to time, there are LA casting calls here but most of the time the casting calls are from Atlanta or Eastern US region.
  6. ProjectCasting – is another news or blog site that publishes casting calls. Very similar to auditionsfree. In fact they publish similar content.

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